Intermediate to Senior Java / Python Software Developer

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Duties & Responsibilities

Join a team of developers to The Software Developers are part of a development team build Science Data Processors. The science processing developers will be involved in different areas of development, ranging from systems engineering to development to testing.

Experience & Qualifications

  • B. Eng. / B. Sc. / B. Tech. or higher in Applied Science or Engineering with a software focus or related field

A minimum of 5 years’ post-undergraduate experience, coupled with further education or training in computing. The experience has to be in more than two of:

  • Experience developing software and systems in Python, C or JAVA,
  • Systems analysis and engineering,
  • Software testing, qualification, and incident management,
  • Formal project management and agile practices and methods,
  • DevOps,
  • Infrastructure integration and operations,
  • Production and operations – data processing or backend systems,
  • Technology research, technology development and maturation towards production readiness
  • Experience working on Linux operating systems

Personal Qualities

  • Ability to effectively transfer knowledge and skills to other team members
  • A clear and methodical approach to problem solving
  • A high attention to detail, excellent organization skills
  • Good communication skills, written and verbal
  • Eagerness to learn new things or self-development towards a technical specialization

Remuneration & Package

  • Contract



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